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Food is a photographic subject of great interest, but technique, art and experience are required to capture all its charm. Food photography is nothing more than a form of "still life" but it is of enormous value for those who work entrepreneurially in the food sector. Just think of some well-known fast food chains and the luck they owe to the photograph of their sandwiches ...

Food Photography, whose birth dates back to the early twentieth century, is not casual or superficial. It has a very specific objective: to arouse particular sensations in the observer, to transmit freshness and naturalness, sometimes with elegance and refinement, others with romanticism and warmth.

Restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and many more thrive on the strength of their food photography. A photo that perfectly captures the essence of a dish can make or break the food industry's social media marketing strategy, and that can translate into large revenues as well as massive losses. That is why it is so important to make sure that the quality of the food photography meets the standards that customers have come to expect.

Chefs use the term "platter" to describe the aesthetic arrangement of food on the plate. It might seem useless at first and one might think that the taste of food is not affected by the way it is presented on the plate. But the reality is quite different.

A study published by the Department of Psychology at Montclair State University found that when food was presented in an aesthetically sound and well-organized way, subjects were more likely to evaluate both the taste of the food and the amount of attention taken in cooking. . Today it is therefore a common belief that a good "dish" is the first step to create appetite in the viewer.

The Food Photography services of Pagine Video are now known in many environments: both in restaurants and in hotels and wine bars. And our menus also fit into this context: an exclusive of Pagine Video which, launched in September 2018, is already enjoying great acclaim.

How important is the photographic angle in food photography?

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