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Tourism can be considered one of the most significant economic and social phenomena of the twentieth century: in fact, although initially it was something reserved for a small circle of people, it has gradually transformed into a mass phenomenon, typical of the most developed countries. Economic growth and the change in consumer behavior have made the tourist more and more interested in the search for new emotions.

In tourism, the web is the real "decision marker". The influence of social media in choosing a trip, a hotel or a visit to a museum is now very high.

A very recent research by the Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano has shown that for 48% of Italian tourists the attraction towards the tourist product comes from reading reviews, to which is added a further 20% coming from posts, reaching about 70% of the choices. As pointed out by the director of the Observatory, four phases must be carefully considered in tourism marketing: inspiration, booking, visit and post visit. But the figure that emerged most strongly was that relating to visual marketing: if until a few years ago, 68% of users chose an online destination based on video content, today 73% of them are attracted to photographic content. It seems clear that, in this war, the battle over content was determined by the action of smartphones, devices increasingly used to the detriment of PCs and laptops, now in disuse.

Our photo agency has been dealing with tourism marketing for over twenty years. And we at Pagine Video have been pioneers in this too, because before many others we have invested in the improvement of photographic content, providing our customers with the latest generation sites that are highly indexed and positioned on Google.

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