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Personally I have been taking photographs since I was 4 years old. Mine is a passion that has therefore lasted for over forty years. I first fell in love with my grandfather's Voigtlander and then my father's Rolleiflex, and then started shooting with an instant Kodak. Well yes, I know, the comparison is merciless, but since that moment I have never stopped and to date I can say that I have had machines of almost all brands. Why am I saying this? Because I believe that today a web designer cannot fail to know photography. Yet many still think that the photos of a site are just an illustrative decoration. Nothing more wrong. When inserted with taste on the site, well-made and well-post-produced images help to improve the perception of the brand, influence the decisions of potential customers and increase visitor conversion rates.

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The presentation of a well done photo shoot allows a website to significantly increase its appeal. By carefully selecting the photographs to be published on the site, we raise your communication skills. And this is why, especially in recent years, despite the advent of very powerful smartphones capable of taking excellent photographs, more and more companies are turning to professional photographers.

When designing, modernizing or updating a website, you don't have to worry only about indexing but also, and often above all, about the quality of the images you intend to publish. The high quality photos increase the stay of visitors on average and translate into benefits and user loyalty. It is good to remember, in fact, that 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual, and that, on average, the human brain perceives the value of an image 60,000 times faster than a text. To this we add that on the web, and especially on social networks, photos are shared 40% more than texts.

Well, even if we don't usually like statistics, this time it is important to mention them. From 2015 data, the impact that photos and videos have on customers' choice of a hotel now appears enormous. A hotel with at least one photograph gets + 138% in terms of attention from the potential tourist; hotels with more than 100 photos get + 151%, and hotels with more than 1,000 photos get + 203%.

"Sometimes there is a single image whose compositional structure has such vigor and such richness, and whose content radiates so far outside of it, that this single image is in itself a whole narrative."

Henri Cartier Bresson

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