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Our "reportage" style

Reportage wedding photography, also known as documentary photography or candid photography, is an approach to wedding photography that aims to capture authentic and spontaneous moments during the wedding day, rather than focusing on tightly planned poses and compositions. The main objective is to tell a story through images, capturing emotions, details and significant moments in a natural way.

Here are some key elements of reportage wedding photography:

Spontaneity: this style aims to capture genuine emotions and moments without forced interventions or positions. The photographer focuses on the natural reactions and expressions of the people involved.

Storytelling: the photographer creates a visual narrative through a series of images that reflect the flow of the wedding day. From the arrival of the protagonists to the ceremony, from the reception to the dancing, each shot helps to tell the whole story.

Details and context:in addition to the images of the main moments, we capture significant details such as personal items, decorations, clothes and everything that makes the wedding unique.

Minimum Interference:the reportage photographer tends to be unobtrusive, seeking to mingle with guests and document events without affecting the natural course of events.

Team work:in some cases, especially for larger or more complex weddings, it may be useful to have multiple photographers to cover different angles and moments simultaneously.

Post production:after shooting, time is spent selecting and editing images to improve quality and mood. However, the goal is to keep the authentic and natural look of the photos.

Interviews and preparation:sometimes we interview the couple before the wedding to better understand their history and the important moments they want to remember. This helps you better plan your wedding day coverage.

Creativity:While reportage photography focuses on spontaneity, that doesn't mean there isn't room for the photographer's creativity. We can independently decide to exploit the light, the angle and the composition to create artistic and suggestive images.

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A wedding photo shoot can vary depending on the preferences of the couple and the photographer, but typically involves a number of stages and covers several key moments on the wedding day. Here's what a typical wedding photo shoot might include.

Preparation: the photographer (or more than one) captures the moments as the bride and groom prepare for the big day. This can include photos of your clothes, accessories, makeup, hair and moments with friends and family.

Ceremony: the photographer takes photos during the wedding ceremony, including moments such as the bride's entrance, the exchange of vows, the exchange of rings and the kiss. On request, photos of the looks and reactions of the guests can be taken.

Couple portraits:after the ceremony, it is common to take portraits of the couple. These can be more formal or more spontaneous shots, depending on the couple's preferred style.

Receipt: the photographer documents the reception, including speeches, toasts, cake cutting and activities during the party. Moments of joy, laughter and interactions between guests are captured.

Group photo:group photos are taken with family and friends. These photos can be arranged formally or informally, depending on the couple's preferences.

Details and decorations: the photographer captures the details and decorations of the wedding, such as the centerpieces, floral arrangements, place cards and other elements that contribute to the atmosphere of the event.

Spontaneous moments:throughout the day, the photographers present try to capture spontaneous and authentic moments between the guests, such as hugs, smiles, tears of joy and other emotional moments.

Dance and Party: the dances, performances and festive atmosphere during the reception are documented. This phase can include both more traditional moments and pure fun.

End of service: the photo shoot generally ends some time after the start of the reception or after the cutting of the cake, unless otherwise agreed with the couple.



The delivery of the photos largely depends on the expectations of the couple. Listed below are some of the methods we use to deliver wedding photo shoot photos.

Digital Files:this is the most common method of photo delivery. We provide high resolution digital files in JPEG or Tiff format. Photos can be organized in folders and sorted by moments or categories.

Physical Photo Album:some couples prefer to have a physical photo album as a memento of their wedding. We can design a professional album, in various materials such as wood, leather, velvet and many others, and printed with the best photos, organized in a narrative sequence.

Online Gallery: we are able to provide a password protected online gallery where the couple can access and share the photos with friends and family. This gallery may also offer options for downloading high resolution photos.

USB or External Drive:upon request we can supply the photos on a USB drive or on an external drive. This can be a handy way to have all your photos in one physical location.

Prints:in addition to the albums, we are able to offer a very high quality printing service for the selected photos. Prints may vary in size and are delivered personally to the couple.

Custom Options:we can also offer customized delivery options in order to adapt to the couple's specific needs and wishes. This could include fine art prints, personalized photo books or other creative solutions.

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