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Our photo agency has also been dealing with fashion and fashion services for years.

Fashion is an emblematic sector of the excellence of Made in Italy in the world thanks to factors such as quality of materials, creativity and craftsmanship.

Quality and craftsmanship are the factors of Italian excellence in the world. In Italy there are 24 of the 100 largest companies active in fashion and luxury worldwide. Of these, more than two thirds operate in the clothing and footwear sector.

By virtue of this, in recent years there has been a flourishing of new professions, often linked to the digital world or derived from it, but still linked to the sector of Italian style. From bloggers to influencers to personal shoppers and tailors, the list is long.

In the common imagination when it comes to made in Italy, the reference to concepts of quality, research and experimentation is immediate. To all this is added an ingredient that has always distinguished our country: creativity.

Creativity is an attitude, and originality and excellence are the peculiarities from which the wonderful handcrafted creations that make us unique and recognizable all over the world come to life.

In this scenario, online and visual marketing, with photographs and videos, are of enormous importance. In fact, it has been shown that where web campaigns are accompanied by the right photos, the conversion rate - that is the number of times in which access to the website of a stylist or a clothing store translates into actual sales - salt by 68%. It is also now clear that 73% of users return to a site whose contents are particularly accurate and professional.

And therefore our goal is to give our customers the best weapons to best face the online marketing war.

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